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Deciding on a Dental Implant, Bridge, or Denture in Richmond

At Kaizen Dental in Richmond, we are constantly striving to deliver superior dentistry. When it comes to damaged teeth, we provide a comprehensive restoration plan that prioritizes your ongoing dental health. If a tooth is chipped or similarly damaged, we will evaluate which approach makes sense for your future smile. Most often we will place…

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Wisdom Teeth Removal – Facts, Detection, & Benefits of Removing Them Early

Deciding whether to have your wisdom teeth (AKA third molars) removed is an important step in your lifelong oral health plan.  Developmentally, most people will not have enough room available in their mouth and jaw for wisdom teeth to grow in without complications. In the majority of cases, wisdom teeth come in and begin to…

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How Your Richmond Dentist, Kaizen Dental, Cares for You!

Our specialities go far beyond exceptional dentistry that keeps your teeth bright and white – we are always focused on improving your overall health through dentistry, and this goal provides us many opportunities to help people suffering from issues related to their teeth, jaw, or oral health. There are several issues that may arise over…