What is Tooth Enamel?


Tooth enamel is the magical outer layer of the teeth that is hailed to be the hardest substance found in the human body. It serves to protect the delicate pulp in the center of the tooth and keep the underlying vascular network safe from bacteria. As the most mineralized human tissue, our enamel needs to be protected from chipping, cracking or erosion as once it is gone, we have no way to produce more.


Enamel Develops In the Fourth Month Of Pregnancy


Teeth formation in the womb is another one of life’s miracles. It takes four phases for teeth to develop, and it is during the crown phase—the last phase—that enamel is created. Cells called ameloblasts function in the secretory stage to create a specialized enamel matrix. Once the maturation phase occurs, mineralization takes place and the enamel becomes hardened. Kaizen Dental recommends visiting us regularly so that we can monitor your enamel along with the rest of your oral health. Some clients need extra protection from grinding or Bruxism, others may rely on sports or night mouthguards. Our dedicated team can review your smile and your lifestyle to help you make the most of your precious enamel.


Avoiding Common Enamel Damage


The main culprits that cause tooth decay such as acidic foods and sugary substances like soft drinks can wreak havoc on your smile. The bacteria in our mouths intermingle with the foods and beverages we consume creating lactic acid. This can eat through the enamel and cause severe damage. If the acid meets the dentin layer (which is a much softer layer) the inner pulp of the tooth is susceptible to damage. A toothache occurs when the pulp is infected. Regular dental checkups and ensuring your dental x-rays are up to date are some of the best ways to remain proactive in your oral health. Daily brushing and flossing and swishing help to remove this dangerous bacteria before it can take hold of your smile.


Tooth Enamel Staining


Many popular foods and beverages and medications can severely stain your smile. Tobacco products and certain lifestyle choices can also influence your pearly whites. We can discuss the type of staining occurring on your teeth and provide you with the best options. Our dentin layer within each tooth naturally darkens with age. This can lead to a more yellowed or greyish looking grin. Certain types of staining will not respond to traditional teeth whitening treatments. Surface stains can drastically improve; however, deeper stains from medications or damage from trauma may require alternative methods. Dental veneers and dental implants are options available for clients requiring a deeper whitening alternative.


Update Your Medical Records At Your Next Dental Visit


Did you know that many medications cause dry mouth and this can be a terrible side effect for the health of your smile? If you have started any new medications or have noticed any changes such as sensitivity to your smile, we’d love to help! Kindly update your medical records at your next dental appointment so that we have all of your information on file to help us secure your healthiest and strongest smile! If you have any questions about enamel building foods, kinds of toothpaste or items to avoid, or want to schedule a fall teeth whitening session, let us know!


Our team is committed to helping you achieve your optimum oral health. Book your back-to-school dental checkup for the family today to get started!