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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Ensure the future of your oral health, with safe and painless extraction of teeth.

Wisdom teeth present a challenge in your mouth. Often, these teeth erupt crooked, or impacted, meaning they are unable to be useful for your bite and will negatively affect the teeth surrounding them. Having these teeth removed is a common procedure that will help to alleviate the issues they may be causing.

May reduce headaches. Prevents crowding and infections. Stops teeth from becoming misaligned.
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Kaizen Dental Richmond dentist BC wisdom teeth extraction removal

General Extractions

Your permanent teeth are made to stick around for life, but sometimes your mouth has other ideas in mind. Tooth extraction may be necessary for any number of reasons that outweigh the cost of the lost tooth.

Keep your smile as healthy as possible. Maintain your oral health. Reduce risk of dental issues.
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Kaizen Dental Richmond dentist BC general extractions

Periodontal Surgery

With ligaments attaching to your teeth, your gums are integral in keeping your teeth sturdy and in place. Should your gum line recede, or otherwise be compromised, periodontal surgery will thicken your gums with grafts to prevent the possibility of tooth loss should recession continue unabated.

Crown lengthening. Gum grafts to thicken tissue. Prevents the loss of teeth.
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