Why Kaizen?

Change for the better with Kaizen Dental.

We are a dedicated team consisting of leaders and professionals in the dental industry. Our passion for both the art and science behind dentistry is reflected in the smiles we create every day. Becoming a patient with us means you will receive expert care that is always attentive to how you wish to be treated, making our practice a truly individual experience.

Our team is continually educating themselves. In their pursuit of knowledge, they consistently find new and innovative ways to treat patients with remarkable methods that can only be found by dentists that are driven by a constant desire to better themselves and the dental community at large. Investing in state of the art dental technology, our practice will always provide the latest and greatest care you can find, while ensuring an atmosphere that is conducive to any patient with any anxieties.

By combining our talents in science and medicine, with a love for the art and aesthetic of dentistry, Kaizen Dental offers an inclusive experience for all people looking to improve their smile and dental health. Kaizen Dental is the full package, offering expert insight, educated treatments, and no pressure consultations.

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Our Vision

Empowering Smiles Everywhere

Our practice was formed to provide quality care to the Lower Mainland. We envision every patient as having a goal for their smile, and our dentistry adapts to work for each patient as they see fit. We are a collective group that works harmoniously to serve your wishes and interests. We want you to feel in control of your smile, and we will provide the care and expertise that you need to change your smile for the better! Our team is an amalgamation of scientists and artists, all thoroughly educated and continuing their education through the dental community and its various organizations. Recognized by the international dental community as experts in their respective fields, giving talks at conferences, and educating their peers, our team stands apart for their skill and excellency in the Lower Mainland.

Our Story

On the River

In 2016, Dr. Siavesh Naseh entered Kaizen Dental, joining an already successful team of accomplished associates. Dr. Naseh is an award-winning graduate of Dalhousie University in Halifax, and has been a practicing dentist since 1999. Upon taking ownership of Kaizen Dental, Dr. Naseh believed in carrying on Kaizen Dental’s tradition of continual improvement for patients, aligning himself with the same philosophy that has guided Kaizen Dental since the original opening in 1969 – getting to know the patient, and offering care suited to their personality and preferences. With an extensive education in treatment planning and surgical operations, Dr. Naseh oversees the effective diagnosis and treatment of patients, while leaving the decisions in the patient’s hands.

Kaizen Dental is continually growing to further its capacity and to provide dentistry on the cutting edge of science and technology. The offices have expanded considerably since the initial construction, adding several additional labs and operatories. The consistent participation of our team members in the dental community and educational institutions has established a practice founded on continuous improvement, allowing for exceptional patient care daily. Located on the banks of the Fraser River, Kaizen Dental seeks to maintain our position as an industry leader, and strives to deliver the exact care that every patient desires.

“Our namesake infers our belief in constant improvement, and our goal is to help every patient in the individual way they want to be treated; you can think of us as ‘Friends Helping Friends'”

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Our Memberships

Continuous Improvement

Kaizen means continuous improvement, and we stand by that. One way we strive to improve daily is through our memberships with various dental associations that provide our team with ongoing education, training, and support.

Change for the better with Kaizen Dental.