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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Restless at night or during the day? Sleep Apnea is a serious condition that affects your quality of sleep, your health, and can have unforeseen side effects if left untreated. Get back to a restful sleep, and stop waking up your partner by finding treatment at Kaizen Dental.

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Kaizen Dental Richmond dentist BC sleep apnea

Can I have Sleep Apnea without snoring?

Yes, so getting checked is essential if you are experiencing sudden breathlessness in the night, or constant fatigue during the day.

Nutrition Counselling

Let us assist in crafting a diet that works for your health, your smile, and you!

We offer advice on what you can eat and drink to keep your body and mouth healthy for years to come. There are some special tips to hear from a dental office that knows your mouth better than you, so find out how you can alter your diet for optimal health and wellness.

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Kaizen Dental Richmond dentist BC nutrition wellness

Sport Guards & Night Guards

If you suffer from clenching or grinding at night, a special custom-made guard can help to prevent the damage that these unconscious motions cause.

If you play sports, having a custom-made guard is more comfortable and will also absorb more shock, protecting your head and smile should a hard hit come your way.

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Kaizen Dental Richmond dentist BC mouth guard

How does a mouth guard help to prevent concussions?

The soft plastic absorbs the shock that travels through your head, by extent reducing the shock absorbed by your skull.

How common is teeth grinding?

Known as “bruxism”, teeth grinding affects roughly 1 in 10 people. If you are experiencing pain in your jaw joints or earaches, these are common symptoms that may reveal issues related to your TMJ.

Oral Cancer Screening

We provide all patients with a quick, simple, and painless Oral Cancer Screening Exam to determine if there is any need to concern. If we detect any abnormalities, we will refer you to a specialist to receive the care and examination required.

Kaizen Dental Richmond dentist BC Cancer Foundation

Kaizen Dental donates $5 of each Velscope oral cancer screening to the BC Cancer Foundation.

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Kaizen Dental Richmond dentist BC oral cancer screening

TMD/TMJ Therapy

Do you find discomfort or pain at your jaw’s joints?

TMJ related jaw pain can be a frustrating and constant source of discomfort for sufferers. Find relief for your TMD with therapy treatments.

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Kaizen Dental Richmond dentist BC TMD

What causes TMJ pain?

There are many possibilities: injury to the teeth or jaw, misalignment of the teeth or jaw, teeth grinding, poor posture, stress, arthritis, and gum chewing.

Why is my jaw making popping sounds?

The jaw joint and ear are close together, so if the articular disc of your jaw joint is displaced, you will hear noise when opening and closing or moving your jaw from side to side. If these issues have no pain, and your mouth opens normally, they normally do not require treatment.

Sedation Dentistry

To offer our patients the most comfortable and relaxed experience at the dentist, Kaizen Dental offers oral sedation dentistry. In a sedated treatment, you will remain conscious and awake, though your mouth is anesthetized and you may be given medication to ensure you are relaxed throughout the procedure.

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Kaizen Dental Richmond dentist BC sedation

Is sedation safe?

Absolutely, we are fully trained and qualified to administer sedation medication, which is completely safe when administered by qualifies professionals.

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