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Brighten your Fall Season with Teeth Whitening Solutions at Kaizen Dental

Brighten your Fall Season with Teeth Whitening Solutions at Kaizen Dental

The crisp, cool air and changing leaves are all signs that fall is here in Richmond. With the change of seasons comes an opportunity to change your smile for the better with professional teeth whitening solutions.

At Kaizen Dental, we offer quick and convenient teeth whitening solutions to help you achieve your brightest, whitest smile.

Unfortunately, everyone’s teeth are prone to yellowing over time. Some food and beverages, such as coffee, tea, and wine, can expedite the process, staining your teeth and causing them to look more yellow over time. However, even if you’re not a frequent coffee drinker, you may notice over time your smile becomes discolored or yellow naturally as you get older.

If you’ve visited your dentist and have been cleared for teeth whitening, you’re probably wondering what the best teeth whitening option is. From off-the-shelf whitening strips to DIY home remedies to professional services, it can be hard to know which solution is best. Keep reading for a few benefits to keeping in mind if you’re considering professional teeth whitening services.

Immediate Teeth Whitening Results

One of the many reasons our patients choose professional teeth whitening is that it provides such quick and immediate results. After your first appointment, you’re sure to see a difference in your teeth colour.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening strips can take a minimum of two to four weeks to make a difference in the colour of your teeth. Many patients have admitted to just giving up on whitening strips due to the inconvenience and length of time necessary to see any teeth whitening results.

Remedy for Deep Stains

While you may find DIY solutions or teeth whitening strips provide you some whitening results, the strength of the products available for consumer use is much weaker than those available for professional use.

Because of this, they don’t have the ability to fight deep teeth stains like professional teeth whitening solutions.

If your teeth have deeper stains, we recommend booking a consultation appointment with your Richmond Dentist to find out which products are right for your teeth to achieve your whitest and brightest smile.

Safer Teeth Whitening Procedures

A common complaint we hear from patients is that at-home whitening remedies can increase gum and tooth sensitivity. A faulty application can increase your risks of this, making hot and cold foods and beverages uncomfortable to consume.

Common errors include whitening products coming into contact with teeth, gums or your tongue. All can have detrimental effects that can be avoided with professional teeth whitening services.

Our friendly and experienced dentists have the expertise necessary to precisely apply the whitening treatment and supervise the process to make ensure a successful whitening treatment that won’t cause unnecessary teeth, gum or tongue sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Solutions at Kaizen

Many of our clients tell us after having professional teeth whitening, they feel more confident and instantly see improved teeth shade.

We offer fast and quick treatment times so the time you spend at the dentist is focused on your oral health, not spent waiting. You can fit a cosmetic dentistry appointment between business meetings, or while your kids are at soccer practice. We offer extended hours for your convenience and are open on Saturdays so you can fit in an appointment before or after work.

Here at Kaizen, we have a myriad of cosmetic dentistry options to help you enhance your natural smile. Take a look online, or book an appointment with us today for a cosmetic teeth whitening consultation.

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