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Quick Cosmetic Dentistry Options at Kaizen Dental

Quick Cosmetic Dentistry Options at Kaizen Dental


When your busy schedule barely allows you to have time to breathe, you may think that cosmetic dentistry treatments are unattainable. How could you possibly make time to get your teeth whitened with a million other things on the go?

The good news is, you can. At Kaizen Dental, we understand that many of our clients are busy professionals who don’t want to spend an excessive amount of time in our dental chair getting cosmetic dentistry performed. However, getting cosmetic dentistry services performed can be a quick appointment that enhances your smile and boosts your confidence.

Should I Get My Teeth Whitened?

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Everyone’s teeth naturally darken with age, but certain foods, drinks, and life habits can accelerate the process. If you commonly drink a lot of coffee, wine, soft drinks or even berries, our cosmetic dentists can help you achieve your best smile.

Many of our clients are surprised by how much professional teeth whitening enhances and brightens their natural smile. Professional cosmetic teeth whitening can help you say goodbye to years of surface stains caused by acidic foods and drinks. Our Zoom! Whitening treatments are quick and efficient.

While cosmetic dentistry can improve the actual look of your smile, many patients tell us they feel more confident after having their teeth professionally whitened.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

In addition to teeth whitening, we offer a myriad of other cosmetic dentistry solutions at Kaizen. If you’re looking for a subtle way to align your smile, see our Invisalign services. Invisalign corrects and straightens smiles quickly without the annoyance of metal bracketed braces.

Additionally, we offer veneers, crowns bridges and botox. Because changing your smile is a big decision, we offer free consultations where you can learn more about our services, or if you’re becoming a new patient. We encourage you to make an appointment to find out what cosmetic dentistry services are best for you.

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Quick Cosmetic Dentistry Options

At Kaizen Dental, cosmetic dentistry services are extremely fast to accommodate your busy lifestyle. We know the time you spend at the dentist should be focused on your oral health, not spent waiting. Our team of expert cosmetic dentists believe in providing convenient, and time efficient cosmetic dentistry options to all our patients. You can fit a cosmetic dentistry appointment between business meetings, or while your kids are at soccer practice.

We know many professionals work 9-5, so we provide convenient hours so you can book your appointment before or after work, and even on select Saturdays.

Book Your Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment at Kaizen

Located in the heart of Richmond on the Fraser River, Kaizen Dental provides fast and effective cosmetic dentistry options so you can enjoy your best, brightest and whitest smile.

We know your time is limited, and are here to help you achieve your most confident smile, in an efficient manner when it works for you. Booking an appointment at Kaizen is easy. Click here to book a free consultation or give us a call at (604) 232-3900. We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule!