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Throbbing Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes

Throbbing Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes


Dental pain of any origin can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient! It is definitely something you don’t want to ignore. How long will a toothache last?  The caring team at Kaizen Dental never wants you to lose your smile.  If you are experiencing any throbbing tooth pain or sensitivity, we invite you to book an appointment. Treating your dental concerns is our specialty at Kaizen Dental. There are many reasons for throbbing tooth pain that comes and goes. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages
  • Cracked tooth syndrome
  • Wisdom teeth eruption
  • Sweet tooth toothache & dental cavities
  • Jaw pain from misalignment
  • Bruxism & grinding away your protective enamel
  • TMD
  • Infection, abscess and much more

Why Does My Tooth Pain Come and Go?

It can be misleading when your dental pain seems unbearable one minute and then it disappears temporarily. Kaizen Dental in Richmond wants to help you diagnose the root cause ASAP. If bacteria is the culprit behind your sudden or lingering tooth pain, we need to address the issue before it spreads further. Damage along the gumline can affect underlying teeth. This can be a difficult situation for young kids who are still awaiting their adult teeth. At times, the adult teeth arrive with cavities due to advanced decay. Our family-friendly dental clinic has solutions for every member of your family.

Try and take note if your dental pain is occurring after eating or drinking certain foods, smiling in the wind or if it is worse when you wake up. These signs can help us determine why the pain arrives and subsides in order to provide you with the best treatment options.

Throbbing Tooth Pain | Richmond Dentist

How Can I Relieve Tooth Nerve Pain?

There are topical analgesics such as Orajel that can temporarily help numb the pain. Some clients find switching to a sensitivity toothpaste also helps them get through the day with less tooth pain. The best way you can relieve tooth nerve pain is to book an appointment at Kaizen Dental for an oral health checkup. Stay proactive with your oral health and maintain your biannual visits with us. We can determine if gingivitis or gum disease is a concern by monitoring the pocket depth along your gumline.

Bruxism & Throbbing Tooth Pain

Our protective gums are home to our dental roots and nerve endings for each tooth. Gentle daily brushing and flossing and consistent dental checkups are the ultimate way to satisfy a healthy gumline. For some clients, their gums begin to naturally recede with age, causing a sensitive portion of the tooth roots to become exposed. Others are chronically over-brushing their teeth too hard and unintentionally damaging their gums and their protective enamel. Some patients are grinding away perfectly healthy teeth during their sleep and don’t even know they are “Grinders!”. Constant clenching and grinding are known as Bruxism. Over time, this can lead to exposed root surfaces and suddenly sensitive teeth. Clients may find themselves having difficulty smiling while riding the ferry when they are on the windy beach.

Bite Pain & Jaw Function & TMD

Noticing pain while chewing can really take the fun out of your favourite meals! During your comprehensive oral exam, we can assess your jaw function to ensure that everything is correctly aligned. Many clients are unaware they are grinding or clenching their teeth until their partner mentions how noisy of a sleeper they are. If you are grinding or clenching there are often telltale signs such as worn out grooves and ultra-smooth enamel. This is a danger zone if left untreated that can lead to bite pain and sensitivity.

Wearing away your protective enamel can make it easier for roots to be exposed and sensitivity or dental pain to occur. Less enamel can leave your teeth more prone to cracking or chipping too. If you suffer from chronic headaches, earaches or wake up with sore neck, jaw and shoulder muscles, TMD might be the issue. Clicking jaws and pain when opening and closing your mouth are signs that need attention.

Kaizen Dental can help you get your smile back on track!

Don’t live with dental discomfort or throbbing tooth pain any longer. Book your dental checkup today.