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Teeth Cleaning Habits Between Your Dental Cleaning Appointments

Teeth Cleaning Habits Between Your Dental Cleaning Appointments


Taking care of your oral health is important. While most know the importance of booking regular professional teeth cleaning, it’s is only a part of keeping your teeth healthy and happy. Taking proper care of your teeth between dental appointments is essential to preventing gum disease and keeping your teeth healthy.


Teeth Cleaning Habits That Aren’t Sugarcoated

It’s likely you’ve heard this before, but a diet that includes regular consumption of soda, candy and other sugary treats will have a negative long-term effect on your oral health. Both the sugar and carbonation in soda eat away at the surface of your teeth. Sugar also promotes tooth and gum decay.

Eating sugar also increases the acid production in your mouth. While this is fine occasionally, regular consumption can lead to unhealthy and decayed gums and teeth. Instead of reaching for the ice cream or chocolate next time you sit down to binge watch your favourite tv show, try preparing a meat and cheese platter instead. Remarkably, cheese stimulates your mouth’s saliva levels, lowering the acid levels and protecting your enamel. The phosphorus and calcium in cheese also balance your mouth’s pH levels and remineralize your tooth enamel.


Don’t Brush Off Teeth Cleaning

Don’t brush off the importance of using the proper products to keep your teeth healthy! The best way to clean your teeth is with a toothbrush with soft bristles, since it will be kinder to your gums. Try picking a toothbrush with a smaller head which will help you reach the hard to clean areas of your mouth. The way you brush is equally as important as getting the right tools! You’ve heard it before, but don’t forget to brush for the full 2-3 minutes twice a day!

While it may seem that there’s a multitude of options available for toothpaste, there’s one key factor that’s more important than whitening power, or which superhero is on the label; it’s fluoride. Make sure the toothpaste you’re using contains fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

Choosing the right toothpaste and brushing regularly can help you achieve a bright smile as white as snow.


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Don’t Let Your Flossing Habits Slip Through the Cracks

Flossing isn’t easy for everyone. Young children, older adults with arthritis, or those with larger gaps between their teeth may have a harder time maintaining their flossing habits. However, getting pre-loaded floss picks, or wider waxed floss can help alleviate some of these struggles.

To properly floss, roll about a foot of floss around your fingertips, leaving about two inches to work with. Unroll a fresh section of floss for each tooth to ensure proper teeth cleaning. Focus on flossing the sides of your teeth, not your gums, to ensure they don’t become damaged.


Drink Your Water

We don’t water down the truth, drinking enough H20 is important for your overall health! Your oral health is no exception. While drinking water throughout the day is important to stay hydrated and feeling optimal, our Richmond Dentists recommend drinking water after every meal and snack. This can help rinse out any left-over food debris and help your mouth stay cleaner in between brushing. Drinking water and even a little bit of cheese can help balance out the acid levels in your mouth.


Book a Professional Teeth Cleaning

It’s important to establish healthy habits in your teeth cleaning routine. Taking care of your teeth in between professional teeth cleanings is quintessential to maintaining your oral health. However, booking a teeth cleaning every six months is just as important! If you’d like to book an appointment or a free new patient consultation, contact the team at Kaizen today. We’d be happy to help create a personalized plan for your oral health to keep your smile healthy.


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