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Pursuing New Trends & Technology: We Believe in Ongoing Dental Education

Pursuing New Trends & Technology: We Believe in Ongoing Dental Education

Dentistry has developed by leaps and bounds over the recent decades, with advancements being led by large communities of dental professionals, driven by the ongoing challenge of advancing dentistry and spreading new knowledge and techniques throughout the world. Our dental team here at Kaizen Dental believes in contributing to this global movement by actively participating in conferences, conventions, and courses that all help to educate our team, ensuring that we provide our patients the greatest care possible. With diverse interests across the many areas under active study in the dental community, our team brings talent to each part of our practice, keeping us up-to-date on the latest news.

Pursuing New Trends and Technology: Our Team Believes in Ongoing Dental Education

Each year our team attends the Pacific Dental Conference (PDC), held in Vancouver. This is a large conference that invites dentists far and wide to attend and share information about all the different aspects of dentistry. With exhibitions featuring the emergent technologies and achievements of dental science, PDC offers an opportunity for anyone to discover something creative and new in the industry.

Dr. Sia Naseh is continually taking new courses as they become available, valuing each opportunity to grow and share his knowledge with the team at Kaizen Dental. Recently, both Dr. Sia and Lauren attended Dental Management Secrets for the 101 course, with Lauren continuing on to take the 201 course. A week long and three days long respectively, these courses are intended to reveal ways to innovate a dental practice, with unique strategies that are designed for long-term goals. It fits well with our motto of “constant improvement”, which applies to our practice as much as the smiles that leave our doors!

A respected research and education facility, the Kois Center is a source for dentists to continue their education with advanced programs and courses tailored to utilizing new technologies. Dr. Sooch is a graduate of the Kois Center, having completed post-graduate work at the prestigious institute. The Center itself is active in pursuing research and advancements, sharing as much as possible with the dental community through their exceptional courses, lectures, and annual symposium. Dr. Sia has recently attended Kois, which presents new thoughts and methods each year. Both Dr. Sia and Dr. Nelson are intently interested in implants, an area the Kois Center has been pivotal in researching and expanding upon. To this end, both doctors are members and fellows of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), which is the leading educational organization for implants across the globe. Additionaly, Dr. Sia is a participant in the EPIC Study Club, and the AAID Maxicourse, both of which focus on oral surgery, periodontal surgery, and implants. Kaizen Dental is dedicated to working inside the global community of dentists, sharing in the benefits of ongoing education and the research being done with each new day.

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The Team at Kaizen Dental in Richmond is Committed to Providing the Best Dental Care Possible

BioHorizons is a group dedicated to practicing and educating their partners in the dental community on how to improve the quality of life for their patients. At a “lunch & learn”, BioHorizons worked alongside our team, reaffirming our best practices and techniques that are used every day at our office. We pride ourselves on our quality of care, so maintaining that through consultations with specialized groups, such as BioHorizons, makes sure that we are continuing those same practices that have kept us ahead of the pack for so many years.

The entire team of Kaizen Dental values every opportunity to learn more about the field of dentistry, taking each new advancement in stride during our constant pursuit for perfection. We understand that this industry is built upon change, constantly seeking ways to improve esthetics, comfort, and quality of the many technologies currently in use throughout the industry. Taking that further, Kaizen Dental believes in finding the best technologies for every step of our process for treating and caring for our patients. As a patient at Kaizen Dental, you can feel confident that the entire team is dedicated to reaching higher and staying flexible as we move boldly into the future of dentistry.

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