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Caring for Dental Implants in Richmond

Caring for Dental Implants in Richmond

When you get a brand new dental implant, it is easy to be satisfied with its current appearance and begin treating it as a regular tooth, however that is dangerous and can lead to serious situations if it isn’t taken care of. Unlike a natural tooth, dental implants attach to the surrounding bone and gum tissue by a titanium post. This means that the care for your implant must be unique, as it is distinct from how you will be caring for the rest of your mouth. By following the included instructions that we provide at the time of your implant work, you will be on the path to dental success. Dental implants have a success rate that exceeds 95%, which is upheld at Kaizen Dental by our talented team of dentists who continue their education and growth through each new advancement in the dental community. Receive the best care possible and get a better-looking smile after each visit to Kaizen Dental on the River!

Caring for Your Dental Implant in Richmond

The biggest risk that comes with implants is infection. If your implant is not properly cared for, your risk of infection becomes much greater and the problems that can cause are serious – you wouldn’t want your investment to be wasted, so follow along to keep your implant in tip top shape.

Just like your natural tooth, an implant is dependent upon the health of surrounding tissues and bone to stay in place. Biofilm collects on implants in the same way it does on your natural teeth, so it is important to keep up with your daily brushing and flossing routine. Additionally, you may consider picking up a Waterpik, which will blast water between your gums, removing stuck on plaque that might rest underneath the gumline. Your hygienist will be making use of specialized tools that will provide you a professional cleaning, keeping all that bacteria under control!

Caring for Dental Implants - Richmond Dentist | Kaizen Dental

How Do Implants Differ from Natural Teeth?

A dental implant uses titanium to make a solid connection to your jawbone that a crown is able to attach to.  Titanium is unique as a metal because it is attracted to bone and able to fuse to it directly. This gives the implant great strength and flexibility, as close as possible to a real tooth root. As for appearances, we make crowns that are nearly identical to your teeth, matching the tone and shape to create a seamless fit. We take pride in our abilities to develop a matching crown for your smile, shaping it to perfection! If you were missing a tooth for a period of time before, then you will find an implant fills in your smile, keeps your natural face shape, and retains your ability to speak clearly

Caring for Dental Implants - Richmond Dentist | Kaizen Dental.

In terms of functionality, your implant should act just the same as a regular tooth. You will be eating, smiling, and talking just the same as you were with your natural teeth. It is no wonder then why people are constantly moving from dentures to implants, as all of the inconveniences associated with dentures can be avoided, with the added benefits of a more secure, trustworthy tooth replacement!


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