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Invisalign: Get a Straight Smile with Clear Braces in Richmond!

Invisalign: Get a Straight Smile with Clear Braces in Richmond!

When it comes time for orthodontic work, nobody is excited to have metal brackets and wires covering their teeth. It makes it tough to eat the foods you enjoy, the brackets can hurt your mouth, and most of all braces have never been the most flattering for your smile. Here at Kaizen Dental, we make it our goal to better your smile every time you come into our office, and that is why we are offering Invisalign, the clear alternative to braces. Forget having metal cemented to your tooth, Invisalign is a virtually invisible product that is custom molded to fit your mouth. Over time, you will see the shift in tooth position that you’ve been seeking, without all the annoyances that come along with braces. Get the best orthodontic care and look great while doing it, all at Kaizen Dental on the River!

What’s the Catch to Invisalign’s Clear Aligners?

There really are none. You will find that having a removable piece of plastic is far more comfortable than a piece of metal protruding into your cheeks ever could be. Have you ever seen someone trying to floss with braces? It is a painstaking process to feed the floss through the wire, repeating that process for each tooth – very time consuming. Not only do we understand that our patients are here to get optimal oral health care, but we also know that your time is precious and that is another reason why Invisalign is the best option for our patients that want to better align their teeth.

Invisalign Braces Retainers - Kaizen Dental Richmond

Is Invisalign as Effective as Braces?

Absolutely! Invisalign is comparable to braces when it comes to their efficacy and speed of alignment. This is always handled on a case-by-case basis, however most patients will see distinct results within the first couple months. If you keep up with wearing your Invisalign for the intended 20-22 hours per day, you can expect to get that perfect smile you’re after in the same amount of time as you would have with braces. Complex cases are no challenge either. Invisalign is a series of custom molded retainers that incrementally move your teeth to their ideal position. This means less trips to the office for jarring tightening of braces wires, and more time spent enjoying life without needing to worry about your mouth!

Invisalign Braces Retainers - Kaizen Dental Richmond

Discover a Better Smile at Kaizen Dental in Richmond, BC

These are just some of the most prominent reasons to consider Invisalign treatment over conventional metal braces. Our office is committed to bringing you the latest technology that will surpass expectations and change your smile for the better. Have you been thinking about aligning your teeth? Make a consultation with us and we will go over the exact differences that affect your specific case. Many insurance providers can cover the treatment of Invisalign as well, so let us find out what is the best option to meet your needs and get you the smile you deserve!

Contact Kaizen Dental on the River at (604) 232-3900 to discuss Invisalign clear retainers; we are excited to discuss the possibilities this holds for your smile. Let’s make a dental plan to get you a straight smile!

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