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How Teeth Whitening Treatments Brighten Richmond Smiles

How Teeth Whitening Treatments Brighten Richmond Smiles

When you make the decision to brighten your smile, rest assured that Kaizen Dental is here with the best possible equipment, brands, and products to get your smile shimmering and shining. Strip away that layer of stains, get a treatment with Kaizen Dental to truly bring out the best of your smile through a short, convenient process at our office, or in your own home. Right now, you can enter to win an awesome whitening package – book a hygiene appointment soon so that you can be a part of this promotion. Don’t miss out, we want to clean your teeth so they are sparkling before you use these whitening treatments, that’s the best way to go about whitening your teeth and getting the most from the product used.

Teeth Whitening Treatments from Your Richmond Dentist

Iveri Whitening products are a leader their field. With a history of successful shifting the shades of teeth significantly, we stand behind these products as the simplest and most effective way for our patients to brighten their smiles. With our helpful instruction, you will be on your way to a whiter smile after one quick appointment in our office.

Kaizen Dental is structured around creating an experience for your constant improvement, developing your smile each time you visit us. Whether that is through function or aesthetics, we prioritize your satisfaction and make it our goal to continually find new ways to enhance your visits to the dentist.


Are there Risks to Teeth Whitening or Bleaching Kits?

You will want to monitor the sensitivity of your teeth following each treatment, however one of the reasons we favour Iveri Whitening products is due to how little sensitivity they cause. For most users, whitening strips and trays can cause an acute sensitivity that fades away over the next few days, so it is good to be aware of that and take it into consideration after each treatment – just don’t bite into ice-cream immediately after a treatment! If you have any questions about your whitening treatment we encourage you to contact our office and get information from the source. Overall, whitening treatments are a safe treatment that works by changing the tone of the outermost layer of tooth, where stains are most evident.

Teeth Whitening Kits - Bleach Treatments | Kaizen Dental

Discover Your Ideal Teeth Whitening Solution in Richmond

Get in touch with us at any time for more information on our treatments and to get your regular dental appointments booked! If you are quick to call, we are currently running a giveaway where you could win a Take Home Whitening Kit! All you need to do to enter is book a hygiene appointment at our office! When you’re ready, or if you have any questions for us, reach out by phone at (604) 232-3900.