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The Aesthetics and Functionality of Cosmetic Dentistry in Richmond, BC

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Showing confidence comes from many aspects of how you present yourself, one of the most noticeable being your smile! When you are proud and satisfied with your smile, it comes naturally, and you likely enjoy showing off your beautiful teeth to the world. It might not come so naturally if you don’t feel that your teeth are expressive of who you are. Where general dentistry is viewed as a “necessary” or “required” treatment, cosmetic dentistry is primarily a “desired” procedure, which may secondarily aid function in the same way general dentistry does. Cosmetic dentistry might not always be a necessary treatment, but it may still prove to be of importance to the ongoing functionality of your mouth, not to mention the significant benefits it can have to a person’s satisfaction with their smile, and thereby their confidence and overall happiness also stand to benefit from such procedures. Kaizen Dental is a full service dental office, meaning we will be able to support your smile, and your oral health, in every capacity possible – your one-stop shop for personal satisfaction, proper functionality, and emergency operations when they are needed!

At Kaizen Dental, Cosmetic Dentistry Starts With Good Oral Health!

Some might not even consider that their gum health is on display when they smile. In the European Journal of General Dentistry, a study was released which concluded that “around 80% of subjects revealed their gingiva during maximal smile”. This means that the health of your gums is noticeable for the majority of people out there, so the beauty of your smile is not limited to your teeth – your gums are on display, so keep your gums healthy and pink. This is a matter for your regular oral health, and will be monitored during checkups to ensure the ongoing health of your gingival tissue!

Cosmetic Dentistry - Bright Teeth | Kaizen Dental

Cosmetic Dental Procedures Available at Kaizen Dental in Richmond, BC

Outside of regular checkups, we offer a number of procedures and dental appliances that may improve your overall smile. For teeth that are unappealing or damaged in one way or another, we offer crowns, bridges, and veneers to create the ideal smile that you will want to show off.

If your teeth are out of alignment, Invisalign will correct and straighten your teeth, without the inconvenience of traditional braces. Made out of a translucent material, you would have to get up close to see Invisalign, and even then it may be hard to discern, making this an excellent option for touch-ups and tweaks.

If you are annoyed by deepening wrinkles, Botox is a newer option being offered by qualified dentists. Botox relaxes the muscles, releasing the unwanted wrinkles and lines from your face.

Lastly, if you are looking to brighten the shade of your teeth, we offer whitening solutions which are unmatched by the products that line store shelves, giving you a truly radiant smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry - Bright Teeth | Kaizen Dental

This is just a shortlist of the most common procedures we perform daily at Kaizen Dental. No matter what it is that troubles you, there is likely a dental solution to remediate and correct the problem.

If you are questioning whether a treatment is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact your Richmond Dentists, Kaizen Dental, at (604) 232-3900!



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