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“The Best” Dental Checkups in the Vancouver area!

“The Best” Dental Checkups in the Vancouver area!

A key part of your oral health routine is regular dental checkups, and there are several great reasons for this. Maintaining a glowing smile takes more than merely brushing and flossing regularly; your dental health depends upon a team of skilled dentists to inspect your smile as it develops, accounting for any changes between appointments to find issues before they become problems. We take pride in our services, and with the support of our dedicated dentists and dental assistants, you can rest assured that your smile is protected.

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Your Dental Team Guards Against Gum Disease

Keeping up with visits will massively reduce the chance of developing gum disease. This is a common issue that can have permanent repercussions. Discovering areas of inflammation, bleeding gums, receding gum line, or other indicators help us to stop the development of this disease before it causes serious damage. We encourage all of our patients to tell us of any concerns that arise between appointments so we can take steps as early as possible.

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Richmond Dentists Keeping Your Bite in Check

Beyond gum disease, we also look for problems with your bite. This can change over time no matter your age, so a proper scan will show us your bite. Reviewing these images at each appointment shows us your unique development, allowing us to make recommendations that could improve your quality of life just as much as your smile. Issues in the TMJ (jaw joint) can begin with a clicking sound as you open and close your jaw, but over time this may cause a constant pain in the joint or ear. We can use orthotics or other corrective dental treatments to change your bite and relieve the pressure that is causing you pain. Get a free consultation with Kaizen Dental to find the source of whatever is bothering you about your smile!

Richmond Dentists - Teeth Cleaning | Kaizen Dental

At each appointment, you will also receive treatments that remove plaque and promote the ideal conditions for oral health. Fluoride treatments, scaling, and specialized tools are all used to keep your teeth shining bright between appointments. Combine that with your regular brushing and flossing to get that natural glow from your smile.

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