Richmond Dentist Shares the Importance of Oral Hygiene

Taking good care of your teeth and overall oral health can be a struggle all by itself. However, maintaining good oral health can prevent tooth decay, gum disease and of course, bad breath. Taking good care of your teeth while you’re young also means you’ll have a better chance of keeping your teeth as you get older.

Even if this isn’t motivation enough, did you know your oral health can be an indicator of your overall health, too? According to Colgate Professional, good oral health can help ward off serious medical conditions. Whereas bad oral health can cause a myriad of problems such as “heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes and preterm labour”.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a few reasons why shouldn’t neglect your regular teeth cleaning appointments.

Teeth Cleaning Reduces Chances of Gingivitis

Making a routine of regular checkups with a registered hygienist is important for your overall oral health. At these appointments, hygienists break up plaque, tartar and prevent tooth decay that can occur if left unchecked.

If left unchecked, the plaque on your teeth can solidify and become tartar. Tartar is a lot harder to remove and can develop into gum disease (gingivitis) or cavities.

Gingivitis is a major cause of tooth loss for adults.  Getting your teeth regularly cleaned can get rid of any stubborn plaque on your teeth and greatly reduce the chances of getting gum disease.

Dental Cleaning Freshens Breath

Even if you brush and floss regularly, bad breath can happen to all of us. To help your breath stay healthy and odour-free, book professional teeth cleaning. Professional dental deep cleaning, combined with regular brushing and flossing is the best way to improve your oral health and keep it healthy.

Teeth Cleaning can Boost your Overall Health

As previously mentioned, keeping your mouth healthy can add to your overall physical health. Connections have been found between oral health and diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease and even anxiety.

Keeping your mouth clean and healthy can greatly reduce your chances of these diseases. While you’re at your cleaning appointment, you may also want to consider getting a quick, simple and painless oral cancer screening exam. Did you know 84% of oral cancers can be detected early by your dental health professional? If detected early, oral cancers have a much higher rate of successful treatment.

Regular Dental Deep Cleaning Brightens Your Smile

While regular brushing and flossing contribute to a brighter, whiter smile, there are some stains that a professional may only be able to help you remove. If you drink coffee, red wine or use tobacco, your teeth may have stubborn stains. A dental cleaning can remove these built up stains leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.

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Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is important for both your oral and physical health. Booking a professional dental deep clean is part of keeping your teeth and body feeling and looking healthy. If you’d like to book an appointment or a free new patient consultation, contact us today.

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